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Frequently Asked Questions:

How are orders placed?

Order forms are sent to your Coach well in advance of Picture Day and will be passed out to the athletes to take home.

Orders should be placed on Picture Day.

If you have not received an order form you may download a printable one HERE or you may prepay for your package with a credit card HERE. 

Paying for your pictures on or before Picture Day will save you money! Late orders placed more than 24 hours after picture day must be handled on an individual basis and will incur extra handling fees, shipping charges and a longer turnaround time for your pictures.

Why are the package prices slightly higher online?

Administrative and credit card fees necessitate the addition of $2 per package + sales tax to cover these fees. You may avoid these fees by paying with cash, check or money order on picture day. 

Why can't I find my athlete's image?

Sports images are not uploaded to the internet. To keep your costs down, sports pictures are on a prepay basis with a Money Back Guarantee. We photograph close to 70,000 athletes a year and the cost to upload and maintain all of these images online would raise the cost of your picture package to unacceptable levels. Coaches expect quick turnaround for their team's pictures so we put jobs in production within 48 hours after Picture Day. Orders placed after a job is in production will be handled on an individual basis and will incur extra handling fees.

Do I need an access code?

There are no access codes. Other than College Sports, an athlete's image is not uploaded online.

What if I'm not happy with my athlete's pictures?

You may return your pictures within 30 days for a full refund. If it's an issue we can fix, we'll make it right and send a replacement to your home.

I did not pay for my pictures on picture day. My athlete says he/she had two pictures made, how do I know which is the best one?

Coaches demand a tight schedule so as not to interfere with practice time. We do strive to take two pictures of the same pose just in case. We then select the best composition and facial expression to ensure you get a great picture.

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